Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Let's Catch Up: Entrepreneurs, Turkey, Updates, and More

Hi Everyone!! I feel like it has been a while since I just chatted with you all. I don't like to just continuously share content without making a connection. That is just not how I roll.

So how is everyone? We are in high gear here prepping for Thanksgiving, taking finals (me anyway), and planning for December which is always a fun and festive time.

October and the beginning of November has been a very productive time for me with The Nifty Thrifty Lady and I am excited to share a few of the things that I CAN and maybe shamelessly tease you all about the things that I can't just yet.

What to Expect November and December

  • One Deal a Day  I know that many of you are going to be done Christmas Shopping this Friday. GO YOU!! I also know there are others that won't be. For those I will be bringing back the ever popular One Deal a Day. I basically search the web for one HOT deal a Day that is 50%  off or more and share it with you. If you have an item you are searching for please let me know in the comment below
  •  5 Days of Giveaways-  I couldn't make it through the Holiday Season without giving back to you all that make this passion of mine possible. During the week of December 7 - December 11 I will be hosting 1 giveaway a day. Make sure you have subscribed to my Daily Reminder to Save so you can enter each one! 
  • Small Business Saturday- I have reached out to many small local businesses in the area and will be sharing a list of specials and events they will be holding in honor of Small Business Saturday! 
  • Unplugging- I do it every year and it will happen again. I will be completely unplugging from all tech devices from Christmas Eve until New Years Eve. I will be January 4, 2016 with a very fun decluttering/organizing month so we can all start the new year off with a little extra money and peace of mind. 

Blog Updates

  • I am an entrepreneur- WOW! It has taken me almost 5 years to fully own that statement and it's still very uncomfortable when I have to say it out loud to anyone else but me. The cold hard facts are that I am making every attempt to start my own business. What business you ask? Well that will be revealed in due time. I have been reading and studying every business book I can get my hands on, in addition to finishing my Accounting degree in July of 2016. I am preparing myself and obtaining the knowledge and resources I will need to launch mid 2016! I am very excited about this and again owe you all the most heartfelt thank you as you have given me the encouragement and motivation to pursue this dream. DON"T WORRY THE NIFTY THRIFTY LADY IS A HUGE  part of my new adventure and will not be going anywhere.
  • Affiliate links-  As you all know I never charged for anything but my Get a L.I.F.E. {lesson in frugal economics} workshop. I thought this would be the best idea given most of the topics I teach are for those struggling with finances anyway. The time has come for me to own that I am a service and admit that I need to start thinking more like a business owner in some aspects. Charging a small fee for classes is one. I also researched what is called affiliate links and decided to become an affiliate with select stores and companies that I personally use. By Law I have to disclose every affiliate link that I use, which I would anyway. What this means for you is really no change. If there is an item I use an affiliate link for and you click on the link and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. It does not charge you more. Basically I am compensated for advertising their product. I have struggled with implementing this on my site. However, as highly respected business man (Micheal Hyatt) has a great podcast on Why a person should not feel guilty for charging. If you want to listen here it is (p.s. this is NOT an affiliate link, I still use them sparingly). This really hit home for me and I prayed about it for a very long time. I hope this does not make any of you feel like I am selling out because I am not. I plan on still provide you with the same content. I promise.
  • A How to Guide and Get a L.I.F.E-  I can not wait to tell you all that Lessons in Frugal Economics will be coming back in 2016! I am getting chills just writing that because this is my BIG idea, this workshop is my why. I am also nervously going to be releasing a How to Guide in what else but MEAL PLANNING. This is such a challenge for my and I am loving the process of writing, researching and challenging myself to improve my skills. 
  • It has been a rough year. With the recent one year mark of the passing of my grams I have been a bit sad. As I reflect over the past year I think that would sum up how I felt. My Husband and I lost our grandmothers within a week of each other last year and in July we lost a very close friend do to a seizure. We had a long year of lose. Our boys keep us grounded and makes sure we do not commiserate too long on any one thing! Thank the Lord for them!!

I hope you all are doing wonderfully! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

I wish you all very, very Happy Thanksgiving with lots of stuffing, family, fellowship, and love.


Monday, November 23, 2015

How to Cook and Freeze Dried Beans

Cooking and freezing dried beansI am back with another installment of Back to the Basics|Saving in the Kitchen. Where I show you simple tasks that generations before use did to save a few dollars.

Today I am answering a readers questions from Periscope! I mentioned that I cooked my own beans and she wanted to know how.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Top CVS Deals for 4 Day Sale {11/22-11/25}

CVS Matchups 11/22

I am happy to be bringing back the top deals at CVS Weekly! Thanks to Deana from The Frugal Homeschooling who was looking for someone to share the best deals for CVS.

So without further ado here are the top deals for CVS Starting 11/22/2015 and running for 4 DAYS ONLY! There will be a special 3 Day ad for Black Friday with completely different deals!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Top Deals of the Week {11/20/2015}

It's Friday! I like to give everyone a quick update on some of the top deals of the week on Fridays so you don't have to do all the research on your own!

If you have a great deal that you would like to share head over to the Contact me page and write me  a message!

*This post contains Affiliate links. Buy using a link you are helping to support this site, and it does not change the great savings you encounter! Thank you!  Full Disclosure

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sausage and Lentil Soup with #premioplease

Making Sausage and Lentil soup cooking video
Today's post is what inspired me to do a whole weeks worth of cooking videos, what I am kindly dubbing 5 Video in 5 days. This delicious Sausage and Lentil Soup is perfect for the winter and budget friendly too. But first the back story.

I am part of Influenster a company that lets you review items for free and in return you talk about them on social media. This is one type of review I love to do because I don't feel guilty about telling my 100% honest truth if for some reason I am not wowed by the product. That being said I will always find a kind way to speak the truth because I want you all to trust my word.

I have done two other reviews for Influenster and they rocked. Literally, I did the Rock your Lunchbox and a fun summer Voxbox Nurturebox.

The Voxbox I got this time was from Premio and they makes very good sausage! I had actually used premio one other time because I had a coupon for it and was pleased with it then.

I decided to feature the sausage in my first cooking video and could not have been happier with the out come.

Are you ready for a simple and hearty winter soup?

Don't you want to make this right now?

I love that you could substitute a lot of different things which is one of the ways I cut costs on meals.

Here is the Printable Recipe for this yummy Sausage and Lentil Soup.

Ingredients for Sausage and Lentil soup

If you loved it would you consider pinning it? Just hover over the top left side of the picture below and hit the pin it button!

Quick and Easy Sausage and Lentil Soup

 Have you tried Premio Sausage? What were your thoughts?



I love to support Small Local Business. I also know that as small businesses there is not always room for a large advertising budget. I have found that sharing local small business sales and events is a great way for me to support the local economy and still meet the needs of my readers.

If you own a local (MD.PA.WV) Small business and will be offering a Small Saturday Sale or Event I would love to help you get the word out!

Please complete the form below and email me any images needed by 11/25/2015 @ 8am.

*I hold the right not to publish a sale or event if I do not feel it would comply with my website regulations and mission*

Top Deals for Aldi {11/18-11/24}

Top Aldi deal 10/18

I have been enjoying Aldi shopping over the past couple months. I like many of their products and can always find great priced items.

I want to highlight the TOP ALDI deals each week for you. These highlights are strictly for the Tri-State  area  of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia because ALDI deals are very regional. If you are interested in the North Carolina deals you can check those out at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom and if you need a different area head over to Aldi's website.