Our Free or Cheap Summer Fun Academic Schedule 2016

Free or Cheap Summer Fun Ideas

One the great things about getting to spend the summers with the boys is that we can plan for some serious FUN!
Staying home for the time being means our budget is tight. It really is a double edged sword sometimes.
Today I will be sharing our Free or Cheap summer academics schedule.
Next week, I will be back to share all of the great free or cheap local events and activities that we do and recommend in the Hagerstown, MD and surrounding areas!
 I hope you enjoy and let me hear what you are doing!


Feeding a Family of Four on $300 a Month Menu Plans

300.00 Grocery Budget Menu plan
One of the most flexible areas of a families budget is their food budget. I have worked with people who have had some pretty restrictive diets and even THEY can cut a few dollars from their budget with planning and shopping sales.

Over the years our budget has grown as our income has allowed. Along with our growing budget we have 2 growing boys. Finding delicious healthy meals that FILL our boys is even more important some days than how much we spend on groceries. 


Tropical Pineapple Pendant Necklace only $8.98 + Free Shipping

Cents of Style Fashion Friday Sale
Yesterday I was on a field trip at the Baltimore Aquarium with my oldest son. While there we browsed the gift shop. One of the trending items this summer is tropical items. I found this adorable pineapple pendant necklace  with a pretty steep price tag. This morning I thought it was pretty comical to wake up and see that Cents of Style's Fashion Friday included the same type of Pineapple Pendant!


Local Farmers Markets and Farms Serving MD, PA, & WV | 2016 Season

Farmers Markets and Farms Serving MD, PA, and WV
I don't know about you but sometimes I just want someone to compile ONE list of something to save me the time of searching the big "inter-web" and then finding the listing is no longer in business. I like simple and I LOVE anyone that will do the foot work for me

Today I wanted to share in a fairly organized and user friendly list Local Farmers Markets, Farms, and CSA's Serving the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia Tri-state area.  I hope you enjoy and let me know if you try out any of the locations!


Frugal Foodie Motivation: Freeze IT!

Freezing leftover foods

Hey guys! Today I was cleaning out my fridge. This is not a typical Tuesday morning activity in my house but sometimes after a busy weekend my fridge is raging out of control.  I hope someone out there can empathize with me.

It is no secret around here that household food waste is a HUGE issue and an even larger waste of money.

Have you ever seen the T.V. show Everybody Hates Chris? It was a kids show on Nickelodeon I believe in the early 2000;s. The dad on the show worked really hard for the family to live and when the kids or wife wasted something he would always say something to the effect "That's 15 cents of butter or 89 cents of pancake batter". This always made me laugh because I have said similar things in my life.


Fresh, Local Boneless Chicken Breast....$1.67 per lb!

I had to pop in to notify you of this great stock up price on fresh local chicken.

If you are like my family having chicken breast on hand for quick and easy meas is oh so important. My stock up price used to be $1.99 per lb or when the grocery stores had B1G1 Free sales. I am thrilled that now my stock up price $1.80 or under and it is from a LOCAL Butcher.


#DS321Challenge {March Challenge: Athletes for Down Syndrome Awareness}

It is time to hear all about the challenge for March! If you haven't caught on I am going to run a challenge each month. In January we had the Fresh Start Challenge, February was the Eat in Challenge and for March I am SO EXCITED to be partnering with TeamT21 for an Exercise challenge!  This Challenge has a dual purpose getting fit and helping bring awareness about Down Syndrome!

What is even more special about this challenge is the TeamT21 is a new non-profit that was started by my Sister and her husband for my niece. Their story is inspiring and I can't wait to help support them.
So lets show them some love and accept this challenge!
Steph is here to introduce you and tell you how to participate in the challenge plus how you can choose to win the GRAND PRIZE of a free entry into the Discovery Station Super Hero Race!