My #1 Money Savings Tip

Number one Money Savings tip

If you follow me on Facebook you knew this post was coming. (You should follow me on Facebook, if you haven’t it’s an awesome way to stay in the “loop” and get sneak peeks!) A couple of weeks ago my page status said “one of my biggest money saving tips is PATIENCE” .

Patience is defined as -the capacity to endure what is difficult or disagreeable without complaining (Webster). 
The Bible names Patience as a Fruit of the Spirit. Additionally, Galatians 6:9 says:
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (NIV).  (NOTE: I am a Christian and I hope that my reference to the Bible does not upset anyone in anyway. I do believe God is the only reason I have the gift of Patience).

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Top Money Savings Tip

Patience is like endurance in many ways; but how does Patience translate into saving money?

I do not need instant gratification because I am patient.  When there is a pair of new shoes I want, or my son sees a new toy, I do not hop in the car, go to Macy’s or Toys R Us and buy them.  If you do my friends this is instant gratification and a big money saving NO-NO!

I can say "No" to an unnecessary item easily because I am Patient. Many times while out shopping I see something I want. I look at it and know the perfect spot for it or know that my kids would love to own it.   However, I also know that my budget is tight and in the bigger picture a new curtain or toy will not feed us. You are probably thinking I deprive myself or my kids. This is not true at all! I have so many things and my children have everything and then some. I limit myself because I know that if I am patient I will eventually get all that we need and want.

I do not buy anything at retail or full price because I am patient.
When I have to make a big purchase, or even a small one:  
  • I do my research to find out the retail price.
  • Then figure out how much I can actually pay for this item according to my budget.
  • Then I shop around online, so I am not wasting my gas of course. Which retail store or online store has the item at the cheapest regular price. (Some stores will carry the same product but $5.00-$15.00 less.)
  • Once I know which store has it at the lowest regular price, I watch for sales or coupons that I can combine to get the rock bottom price.
  • Sometimes things are just not within our budget. In this instance I will find a new product all together and begin the process again.
Now are you ready for my example?
My little guy is going to need a new car seat soon. When I realized this around 6 months ago I started my research on the best forward facing car seats. I found a very nice 3-in-1 Graco Nautilus seat. It harnesses up to 75lbs, converts to a backless booster, and has all the bells and whistles. I WANTED IT! Well, until I saw the price tag of $169.00 and UP! WHAT?! In my opinion, that is crazy for plastic and fabric that two generations before us did not have. (Yes, I do believe in safety.)

So I looked around more and tried to find a similar product that was all-in-one and good quality. I did not want to have to purchase a booster down the road. Nothing came up.
I told myself to be patient. Maybe I would win the lottery I do not play, or maybe I could ask for one as a gift.
Well, about 1 month later as I was searching a Facebook Yard sale site and  I saw it!
 A graco nautilus 2 years old, prime condition, no accidents, smoke free, pet free home, for ….$35.00!!!!
I screamed and then typed faster than I ever had to claim it as mine. I picked it up two days later. I was anxious because this car seat was a steal and expected it to be a dud.
Nope, It was perfect! P.S. The lady was a friend of mine that was selling it because she did not like it.

Now I am not greedy but I really like to have two car seats, one for me and one for my husband’s truck. It eliminates a lot of hassle when going places because we use his truck for all family outings.
I thought I would have to find a less expensive car seat for his truck. It wouldn’t be a huge issue and we still had time to ask for a new one if needed. Two months go by and my mom calls me to ride with her to a yard sale. I really did not want to go; it was hot and I was just enjoying my time. But she picked me up anyway.
I walk into a barn (where the yard sale was held) and to my left was another Graco Nautilus!! I just about fell over.
I calmly asked the lady how much she would like for the car seat and her response was a little hesitant.
I proceeded to ask if it was for sale and she said yes.
Again I inquired a price and she asked “How much do you think?”
Well I said “ I bought a 2 year old, used one for $35.00”
She hesitated a bit more and concluded “Okay”
The yard sale was a next door neighbor who was looking to sell because her daughter still needed to be rear facing and this was not a rear facing seat. She purchased by mistake and just wanted it gone.

So, because of patience I now have 2 car seats that I wanted, for $70.00! That is a savings of $260.00 and proof that Patience is not only a virtue but the biggest money saving tip I have for you!

Top Money Savings Tip

  Until next time: Be Patient and Have Endurance!

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