Free Samples with Pinch me!

We interrupt Eat in February with Pinch Me...no I am not going to pinch you (please don't pinch me). That is the name of the company that is offering a very neat opportunity!

In December I had a reader and friend send me a Facebook message asking if I had heard about Pinch Me. To my shock and horror, I had to say no!!

She went on to explain that it was a site that offered free full-size samples at no cost. NOT EVEN SHIPPING!

I had to see what this was all about. So in January I signed up and ordered my first box. I wanted to post my review by video!

Here you have if Folks My first PINCH ME box:

I made a little mistake in the video You do HAVE to complete the surveys. Sorry!! I just did it and it took 2 minutes. Not bad at all! They are super simple questions too.

So what do you think?

All of the Products in for January!

Savings this for after the workshop so I can take a day and relax;)

This is not greasy which I love and it smells great!

***I was not in any way compensated to talk about this company. I just really wanted you to know about it!