Question and Answer Chat Breakdown- 8/26/14

The first live Q&A was awesome! There were a couple technical issues what will be taken care of next time but other than that I will call it a success!  Thank you to the followers that left questions they were awesome!

Here is a breakdown of the event and the recorded version so you can watch it at your leisure!

Fastforward (is that what they call it on youtube?!) to 

Question one at  3:49
 Do you save more money reaching for the store brand as apposed to ales on national brand or couponing?

Question two at 6:18
When and Where is your next coupon class?

Question three at 9:09
Do you budget for everything in your budget?

Question four at 13:15
Do you meal plan based on weekly sales and do you buy meat at the grocery stores?
Here is the link to the meal planning tool's that I use

That about wraps the every first Q&A up. I planned on Sept 23 for the second one and if all goes well that will be the date!

Will you be joining us for the next chat? Please do!