Time Management- Juggling it All

In January I set out to make 2014 a year that I went outside my comfort zone, to do things I haven't had time to do, a year that I said Yes to things instead of No. My goal was to experience new things but more importantly better myself. Oddly enough by April I was probably the worst version of myself I had ever been in my life! I was saying yes to everything and everyone in hopes to fulfill "something" but I didn't even know what that was.

When April rolled around I was so thankful we had a planned family vacation for 6 days all I wanted to do was escape the hectic world I had cultivated for myself.

When we came back to "reality" I decided I didn't want to be a busy body any more. I did the most extreme opposite you could think of. I became a home body, but not in a good way. I went from doing it all to doing nothing but the bare necessities and I mean bare. I made sure the kids were taken care of and that was about it. I let many of my relationships,  priorities,  and home management go. In my head it made sense it was a detox of sorts.

Why am I righting this today?

Two reasons.

1. The feeling of being completely overwhelmed as a women, wife, mother, friend is real and something we are scared to talk about for the fear of looking weak. Like if we say I just need a break we are taking the roar out of being a supermom. Friends this is just not true. As women we need to support each other in these times. We need to take a break in the spirit of optimism not of failure or regret.

2. I am off my break. But even when I first thought I was done I wasn't.  I didn't really share my feelings with anyone and until I did I was not able to get out from under the cloud. Now that I have experienced this cycle I want to share with you what really had been successful in helping me and how I juggle it all without that overwhelming emotion fully encompassing me.


Stay tuned each Friday for a new post in the new mini series Time Management: juggling it all.

Please reach out to a friend or even me if you are feeling the same way!