Holiday Budgeting Tracker: How to Plan a Debt Free Christmas

Breaking news! We have 12 weekends until Christmas…Yes you heard me right only 24 Friday and Saturdays to get your shopping done, travel arranged, food made and of course halls decked with lights and garland. 

Debt Free Christmas

Am I putting you in panic mode? Did you forget to budget for gifts and holiday expenses this year (again). Maybe you didn’t forget but really can’t find any money to spare in your budget so you were just planning on swiping the good ol’ plastic card? 


Last year was the most challenging holiday our family has ever faced. We do not use credit cards for anything but medical emergencies and even then cringe. So, when on the exact day we received our Christmas club money my car need over $800.00 worth of repairs we faced the hard choice to use that money and most of our emergency savings to pay for the repairs. In the video I state “It broke my heart” to see the money leave my hand as soon as I got it, but, Christmas is a WANT. The only need we had was spending the day together as a family continuing the non-monetary traditions we had.

You may think I am crazy and this may not be something you are willing to ever do. 

I felt the same way. So what I did was find every single thing I could sell and used every source of savings and talent I had to make $250.00 to use to buy 20 people Christmas presents. We did a lot of DIY things and opted out of traveling throughout the month to see the annual Christmas light display. I also gave up annual friend Christmas exchanged and cookie swaps. 

As I planned for this post if made me realize I was given the challenge to:
1.) Overcome
2.) Share how to everyone can have a debt free holiday
3.) Appreciate that many people cannot afford food let alone hundreds of dollars in frivolous toys

Last year reiterated how important it is to make the holidays about family and traditions not materialist things.

In the video I share my tried and true Holiday Budget Tracker. This little piece of paper kept me on track and away from swiping that credit card last year!

To get your very own tracker you can

I will again be hosting 24 Days of Deals in November where I share one HOT deal a day to help keep your Christmas spending on budget!
I challenge you to rethink the Holidays this year! What will you focus on in order to have a debt free Christmas?