Feeding a Family of Four on $300 a Month Menu Plans

300.00 Grocery Budget Menu plan

One of the most flexible areas of a families budget is their food budget. I have worked with people who have had some pretty restrictive diets and even THEY can cut a few dollars from their budget with planning and shopping sales.

Over the years our budget has grown as our income has allowed. Along with our growing budget we have 2 growing boys. Finding delicious healthy meals that FILL our boys is even more important some days than how much we spend on groceries. 

I have been reluctant to share our full menu plan because there is always some naysayer out there.

SO full disclosure: We do our best to eat healthy, that does not mean organic here. It does mean fresh and local as much as possible. We allow sugar and even a soda here and there. I buy most of our meat from a local butcher but sometimes our budget doesn't allow it so we purchase from a grocery store. I don't use as many coupons as I used to. This is more of a time restriction situation. I still use coupons on all of our personal care items and during the summer use coupons to get extra snacks.

Now that, that is out of the way. 

We allow $300.00 a month for all groceries, personal care, and household supplies. We also budget around $40.00 for our pets. This gets lumped into our grocery fund because I purchase their food when I shop. I do my best to stick to that.

I shop BIG once a month at Sam's Club and Aldi. I have a Staples list that I get each month from these stores. If you are interested in seeing this let me know!

I also make one trip to Martin's to get items that are on Gas Points Deal, I try to pair with coupons so lower that bill!

From there I only a visit a store for milk, fresh produce, and the butcher when they are having a great sale on meat.

I keep a running inventory of food I have in my home. This helps me keep focused when making my meal plan and grocery list.

How I Plan:
I have wrote many articles on how I meal plan. You can check them all out if you would like.

My biggest suggestion is to find what really is reasonable for your family and do that!

So without anymore anticipation here is our 

JUNE 2016 Monthly Meal Plan:

June 1st-June 4th

1. Grilled Pork Chops 
2. Leftover Pork chops
4. Pizza

June 5th-June 11th

5. Dinner at In-laws
8.Nuggets with Mac and Cheese
9. Mini Meatloaf with Broccoli
10. Little Caesar Pizza (OUT)
11. Grilled Cheese with Soup

June 12th-June 18th

12. Dinner at In-laws
14. Veggie Sandwiches
16. Tacos
17. Out
18. Breakfast for dinner (Pancakes with Bacon and Eggs

June 19th-June 25th

19. Fathers Day Cookout
20.BBQ Chicken
23. Marinated Steak Salad
24. Veggie Fried Rice
25. Kids Choice (Eat in)

June 26th-June 30th

26. Dinner at In-laws
28. Leftover Pasta E. Fagioli
29. Pulled Pork Sammys
30. Spaghetti and Meatballs

This month I focused on getting rid of all the meat in my deep freeze and using what I had in my pantry and garden. I did this because we needed some larger stock up items from Sam's Club and with summer there is more food consumed for breakfast, lunch and snacks, This mean my $300.00 budget could go to things other than meat. Next month I will focus on meat and skip the larger snack and household needs.

Typical Breakfast:
Egg with Toast
Avocado Toast
Pancakes/Waffles with fruit
Yogurt with fruit
Eggs and Bacon

****we don't do much cereal I find it saves us money and I can get the boys to eat something more filling in the mornings so they aren't hungry an hour later*****

Typical Lunch:
Mac and Cheese with Veggies
Deli Meat on Sweet Hawaiian roll with Veggies
Salad (for me)
Mini Pizza Muffins
Homemade soup (big batch made then frozen)

What are you favorite healthy meals that are quick and budget friendly?

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